Lynking World Through Blockchain

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Simplifying Identity Through Blockchain

Secure storage of Identity, Data and Documents       

A Free Digital Identity For Everyone

Share Identity and Documents using QR codes

A Free Digital Identity For Everyone

Empowers organisations to easily create and deploy forms for various services

A Free Digital Identity For Everyone

Ensuring acceptance of digital identities and documents by unleashing the power of blockchain.

A Free Digital Identity For Everyone

Enables seamless authentication to business applications using Lynked.World secure ID

A Free Digital Identity For Everyone

Platform enforcing trust and authenticity of enables secure authentication to financial and other transactions

Blockchain Based

Digital Wallet


Lynked.World digital wallet is a convenient way to store your personal identification and other document e.g. Passport, Driver’s License, Medical Records, Degree Certificates, and more on your mobile device. These documents can be securely verified on blockchain. Our Digital Wallet enables users to own and control their digital information and share identity, documents and data directly with other entities such as employers, institutions and businesses in a secure and convenient way.

Key Features

  • Secure storage of digital documents on your mobile device.
  • Control of your own data –Share only what is explicitly authorized by you
  • Get your documents verified on blockchain
  • Enabling authorities to issue digitally signed documents to user wallets

Use Cases

  • Sharing identity documents when checking into hotels, airports, hospitals using QR codes
  • Sharing verified educational and professional certificates with employer for job applications
  • Avail different kinds of services requiring digital identification with ease
Blockchain Based

Share verified document via QR code

Share Documents Via QR Code Mobile to Web

Share Documents Via QR Code Mobile -> Web

Share Document Via QR Code Mobile to Mob

Share Documents Via QR Code Mobile -> Mobile

  1. To generate a QR code for requesting specific documents from a user

    • Requestor first selects the document types from the configurable QR code page.
    • Requestor clicks on "Generate QR" code button to generate a QR code which encapsulates the request for identity and other documents in the form of a scannable QR code.
  2. When a user scans the generated QR code, the details of the requestor and the requested documents are displayed on the user’s mobile app.

  3. The user can now validate the request and authorize the sharing of his/her own data & documents with the requestor.

  4. The authorization for the requested documents is now sent to the Lynked.World Digital Wallet

  5. The authorized documents along with the blockchain authentication for each one of them is now shared from the user’s Digital Wallet to the requestor’s device.

  6. The requestor receives the authorized documents and can also validate the authenticity of the individual documents received on the blockchain If needed.

Dynamic Profiles & Configurable Forms

The development platform offered by us, empowers any organization to easily create forms, and fluidly deploy the same for multi-area usage. A good example being applications or request forms for different services – services that are intended to be provided by the organizations to consumers via our platform. All the while users will have access to the authenticated digital identities created in our environment thanks to our platform.

Continuing from the above example, a user can visit the profile of these organizations and can apply for any of the various services available, by digitally completing and signing an Application form. As an added benefit, the platform also supports the forms to be filled automatically from the user’s profile. Any document required for the purpose of the application can also be automatically attached from our digital wallet and submitted along with the signed form.

Dynamic Profiles & Forms

Design and Issue of Identity Cards

Design and Issue of Identity Cards
  • Design and issue identity cards for your students and employees
  • Easy to design identity cards using delivered templates and drag and drop features
  • Issued Identity cards are immutable and secure by design owing to the use of both blockchain and biometrics
  • Easily share identity using QR codes to get access to services and/or facilities
  • Protection from Identity theft and misuse
Uses and benefits of Digital Identity
  • Access to premises
  • Attendance registration
  • Issuing books in Library
  • Convenient and easy to use, e.g., Attendance can be registered by scanning a printed QR code
  • Paperless – Digital Identity on user’s personal device
  • Environment friendly and cost saving

Blockchain and Social Responsibility


SaaS application to modernize the education system

With our easily customizable applications and product features, we intend to make it easy for educational institutions to issue certificates, maintain education records and attendance registers etc. in a digital format while at the same time ensuring the trust and authenticity of such records using our blockchain based SaaS applications for the Education Sector. Our data analytics suite also make the tracking and reporting of all data a breeze.

Education Transformation
Healthcare Records


Transforming healthcare with digital records

Our applications focused on healthcare will allow medical records and certificates to be stored digitally in a single repository providing healthcare professionals with a chronology and medical history for patients. Combined with our state of the art data analytics capabilities, healthcare professionals can get assistance for speedy and correct diagnosis. Additionally, our applications can also be used by doctors and clinics to manage their day-to-day activities including registration of patients and scheduling appointments digitally.