You Will Help Me..!


Driving Force of Life

I always believe you are there somewhere, near me. I always assume that you will guide me. If I am going wrong, you will push me to the right track. If its too off, then the push will be hard and I will feel it. It will be your own way to bring me the good. I may term it as my luck. I may say, I have realized my mistake and corrected. But the fact remains same, you are there. You are the navigator of my life. You keep reminding me of your presence, sometimes with a break and sometimes with an acceleration in my life. Whenever my life is going off, immediately I get the feeling that a centripetal force is bringing me back towards my life's center. 

There were phases when I was annoyed. There were phases when I was not happy. There were painful phases also. The pain of not getting what I wished for. However, they all passed.   As I matured, I started understanding the life and made a friendship with life. I understand it and she understands me. Now during tough times, I just keep working on with the flow believing it to be a passing phase. Moreover, it makes me feel elevated from within as I start thinking, "something good is going to happen". 

If it is not my way, then I know it is your way. Your way has to better than mine, so nothing to be worried for. I know I am the driver of my life but having you on the navigator seat makes me confident with every second of the life. 

Your force is always there

You are my pride, you are my love, you are my everything. Foremost you are the centripetal force of my life, you are my GOD.


Swati Singh


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Nishant kansagra

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