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HMTC, established in 1948 by the Late K.M.Chatterjee, has been serving the Indian industry right from its inception, post independence. From a very humble beginning it has marched 65 years serving all the major industrial houses within the country.

His vision of continuous growth has brought HMTC today to this position. Quality and perfection was his main target. He always worked with a conception of solving critical problem, which has made HMTC a mark in the industry today.

We are in the footsteps of our founder and strictly following what he used to dream. We here in HMTC are always ready to fulfill his dream of giving the best to the industry. Today by his grace we are working in two units and planning for a third unit.

It will be a continuous endeavor for the full team of HMTC to keep up with the goal he has set for us.

  • Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Year Founded
  • 1948
Company Size
  • 100-500
  • CONTINUOUS BULK MATERIAL EQUIPMENTS LIKE :: Travelling Tripper, Shuttle Conveyor, Movable Hopper, Reciprocating Feeder, Appron Feeder, Paddle Feeder Wagon Loader, Belt Changing Device, Plough Feeder, Bag Diverter, Mobile Bag Diverter Belt Plough – Pneumatic and Electrically operated Oscillating Conveyor, Wide Belt Conveyor, Rotating Conveyor, Portable Conveyor Long Travel Arrangement for Stacker , Barrel Reclaimer Belt Changing Device Steep Angle Conveyor and other conveyor related equipments Bucket Wheel Shaft, Slew Pinion & Pinion Shaft. Bucket for Stacker :: FOR STEEL PLANT :: Mobile Grizzly, Friction Drive Base Frame, Crush Deck, Top Gas Ignition System ,Roll Chock Internals,Crop & Sample Discharge System, Laddle Cover Manupulator Long Travel Arrangement for various types of Yard Machines Various types of Winches – Boom Luffing Winch, Motorised / Manual Winches, Rope Drum Various types of gates- Rack & Pinion, Sector, Rod, Diverter, Flap, Prism etc. Screw Conveyors, Dribble Conveyor :: SPARES FOR WAGON TIPPLERS & SIDE ARM CHARGER :: Festooning system , Charger Track , Fixed Support Roller, Sprung Support Roller, Reaction Roller, Guide Roller, Clicking Stop, Run Back Stop, Wheel Gripper, Tippler Rotation Drive :: GENERAL PRODUCTS :: Telescopic Chute, Two Way Chutes, Stacker Reclaimer Chutes, Technological Structure, Drive Base Frame, Chute & Skirt etc. Spring Buffer for Yard machines Wheel & Axle Assembly :: SPECIALITY PRODUCTS :: Brick Mould ( Single, Double, Four Cavity) Liner & Die Plates Socket & Socket Plates Mould Covering Plate, Wear Plate Charger Box Assmbly, Brick Gripper
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