Refer A Friend
The Lynked.World referral program lets you earn rewards for each successful referral registered in your account!

How it works:

  1. You start by visiting Refer A Friend page. From this page you can copy your referral link or send an invite email to a friend.
  2. Your friend can click the referral link (or the link in the email) and sign up for a Lynked.World account.
  3. If your friend successfully created an account using the referral link you both will receive a 5 LYNK as referral bonus.
  4. If your friend refers his friend and his friend successfully create an account, you will receive 1 LYNK as 1st indirect referral.

Other Rewards
Lynked.World also have other rewards program that lets you earn reward for various activities you perform on Lynked.World. The reward pools and its activities are divided into below categories.

  • Creating Account
  • Completing Profile
  • Creating Blog
  • Creating Post

  • Comments on Blog
  • Comments on Post

  • Share Post outside Lynked.World
  • Share Blog outside Lynked.World

Each reward pool and its activities are eligible for rewards. Reward are awarded based on user activities and internal algorithms used by Lynked.World.

Reward Redemption Mechanism
The reward in any of the above categories would be distributed in terms of Lynked Boost Dollar (LBD).

One Lynked Boost Dollar (LBD) is equivalent to one USD. This will be redeemed as Lynk token based on the current market price of Lynk token.

For example, let’s say user is having 1 LYNK as a reward. So user will get the equivalent Lynk token after converting LYNK based on market conditions as explained below

  • If market price of Lynk token is $1, the user will get 1 Lynk token after converting LBD into Lynk.
  • If market price of Lynk token is $0.5, the user will get 2 Lynk token after converting LBD into Lynk.
  • If market price of Lynk token is $2, the user will get 0.5 Lynk token after converting LBD into Lynk.

Redemption Policy
Please note that Reward Token LBD can only be redeemed to avail services available on Lynked.World platform. Service Providers may chose to accept LBD in part or not all for their service fee. Rewards already earned, does not expire until you delete your Lynked.World account or uninstall Lynked.World mobile application without backup.

Please note that users can redeem their rewards only when their LBD reward balance reaches a threshold value defined by Lynked.World. The reward redemption threshold has been defined as 25 LBD and an initial locking period of 6 months for a user to initiate it. after initial 6 months period all rewards can be redeemed whenever it reaches the threshold of 25 LBD.

Following terms and conditions in addition to what has been described above must be fulfilled to get reward token redeemed.

  • User who wants to redeem the reward token, his/her identity must be verified by Lynked.World via Lynked.World Application.
  • Reward token LBD earned for the referral whose identity is verified by Lynked.World can only be redeemed.
    Referral User for whom reward token is earned must be active on the platform for 6 months.
  • Reward earned for a new referral will be locked for 6 months or until referred user's identity is not verified, whichever period is longer Reward earned can not be transferred to another user account.
  • User who receives payment for promotion by Lynked.World directly or indirectly is not eligible for Reward Token. Reward Token displayed in his/her account will be nullified time-to-time.
  • User who uses unfair means to get referral reward, may be blocked for the services of Lynked.World, and will not eligible for any referral reward.

Lynked.World reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the rewards program at any time without prior notice. Lynked.World tries to provide accurate and timely information in our website, but it may contain inadvertent technical or factual inaccuracies and typographical errors. Lynked.World does not guarantee payout on every account referred due to misuse of referral link or fraud or any other unforeseen reason, but it will make a good faith effort to do so whenever possible. By participating in the reward program, you acknowledge that receiving payout is not guaranteed by Lynked.World.