Our mission is to provide a secure platform for individuals and institutions to own, control
and share digitally trusted identity.

Our Solution
Lynked.World is a platform built upon Blockchain Technology to verify digital identity, education and professional experience. Blockchain security provides an irrefutable digitally verified block of information that is never compromised. The platform enables users to control their digital information and share directly with employers, institutions & businesses. We are moving towards a global platform that not only serves the purpose of digitalizing identities but will also become a network of trusted professionals.

Our Story
Current process of sharing identity and background verification is time consuming, costly and error prone. With the evolution of blockchain, we are revolutionizing information sharing process. We are building the ecosystem of direct verification of profiles between various entities making it cost effective & taking away the need of middleman/brokers. We are on-boarding several educational, government and professional institution(s) on our platform which will provide global coverage to our user base.


Awarded By

Lynked.World Inaugurated at 58th National Cost Convention 2018 by
The Institute of Cost Accountants of India

(Statutory body under an Act of Parliament of India)

Our Team

Arun Kumar

Founder & CEO

Debasish Biswas

Global Strategy Advisor


Chief Technology Officer

Satya Prakash

Chief Cloud Architect

Meenakshi Mehra

Sales Executive

Saravana Kumar Malaichami

Blockchain Specialist

Sunil Kumar

Business Development

Anil Boricha

Technical Team Lead

Jaydev Vaghela

Sr Software Developer

Bhavesh Amin

Software Developer

Yatin Dhingani

Software Developer

Nishant Kansagara

UI/UX Developer

Vishal Gohel

Sr iOS Developer

Atulesh Kumar

QA Lead & Release Manager

Rashmi Priya

QA Consultant

Pragya Shrivastava

Test Engineer

Suryavanshi Gupta

Test Engineer

Chhaya Gupta

Test Engineer

Ruchi Mehra

Test Engineer

Our Advisors

Shailendra Bhushan

Rtd. IAS, India

Ian Scarffe

Blockchain - ICO Advisor

Jason Hung

GFOB cofounder, ICOBench Top Advisor

Sydney Ifergan

Crypto & ICO Community Expert, ICO Advisor

Igor Karavaev

ICO Advisor and Investor

Anders Larsson

Founder allcoinWiki

Joakim Holmer

Founder allcoinWiki

Naviin Kapoor

Blockchain Expert

Guy Yanpolskiy

ICO STO Adviser, Cryptocurrency expert

Professor M.L. Mitra

Founder National Law College

Navdeep Agarwal

General Manager, Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd.

Partha Sarathi Guha Patra

Founder at ASADEL Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Prof. H. K Mallik

Professor,Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Kautilya Verma

Director - Cognizant Company, USA